Welcome to Blue Phoenix Lites.

 Specializing in custom LED lighting solutions

With all of the benefits of today’s LED lighting products,
you can easily get overwhelmed with all the choices.
Add to that all the poor quality lights flooding the market.
It can get quite frustrating in our experience as lighting designers.
So we started our own light shop, to supply better quality lights for
our own projects. Now, we can supply light to nearly everyone.

2014 Paradiso Festival

We have some great ways to help with your events.  With a few tricks…well, lets just say, the kids room, the office, the car, the trailer, the RV,the van, your artwork YOU NAME IT! They will never be the same.

Just so you know, right out the box,
(and we live WAY out of the box)
we are NOT your average lighting company.
We don’t have a ton of lighting fixtures in stock.
We don’t have sponsored catalogs of products
for you to go through, and we don’t believe all
lights are the same.

We believe every need is different and there is no single
solution to proper lighting.  One wall will not reflect light
like the next.  The same can be said with carpet, curtains,
tiles, blinds, ceilings, wood types, or even artwork.
Just like a stage, every scene (or room)
has its own unique qualities.

Light Emmiting Diodes (or LEDs)

We’ve been testing, engineering, designing, and
even a little manufacturing of many types of LEDs since
2005, and we’re still at it. Working with the same factories
for over 10 years has allowed us an inside look
at the advancements of LEDs, that few get to see.

If you need a proto-type for a project, well the chances are
we can do that too. With the products we supply or source,
we do the best we can to keep things affordable, while
providing great quality. With our stage and theater experience
at your disposal
YOU, now have the power over your
atmosphere like never before.

We specialize in some of the most unique
ways to use this state-of-the-art LED lighting
technology.  Then, by mixing them up with amazing
concert & theater techniques, we can make great
special effects that could cost lot less then you might think.

Often times it’s not how many lights you have at all. In fact with
lighting, it’s quite easy to over do it. However with the proper type
of fixture, the right color(s) or temperature and the proper focus,
you have the ability to create magical worlds everywhere you go.

We can work with your budget, teach you how to use the lights
properly and make sure you get best “BANG” for your buck.

Send us a note and see how we can help your next lighting masterpiece.
You can use the form on the bottom of the page.

In a band?

Seeds of Venus
With over 15 years of experience doing all aspects of production
for some of the biggest shows to tour the world since 2001.
We’re sure we can help you capture the attention you demand.
Don’t just settle for “whatever they have” at the bar or club.
Bring your world with you, and take the audience on a journey.

Just check out some of our past events in our Portfolio.

Subspace Mobile DJ Set for "DJ Sasse"

Subspace Mobile DJ Set for DJ Sasse

Are you a DJ?

You won’t believe what we can fit into a box, ready for easy travel.
Please don’t just throw any color, anywhere.
Just like you choose the right music to move the crowd.
You also need to play with the right colors of light.


Are you a Home or Business owner?
Get ready to make an environment that welcomes.
When you start using indirect light,
You can’t help but learn new ways to play with your rooms.
Lighting fixtures are taking on new forms.
(and sometimes, no form at all.)

Edd Cox Gallery of Fine Arts during normal business hours. @ Pioneer Square, Downtown Seattle, WA

Edd Cox Gallery of Fine Arts during normal business hours. @ Pioneer Square, Downtown Seattle, WA

Edd Cox Gallery of Fine Arts. Seattle Artwalk night look.

Edd Cox Gallery of Fine Arts. Seattle Artwalk night look.





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