About Us

Blue Phoenix Lites

9th Street Rear View looking west

9th Street King County Metro, in downtown Seattle, WA ( Rear View looking west)

Started in 2005 after the owner found a light source called electro-luminescence while out on a musical tour called Cavalia.

Now we specialize in LEDs. They have a much longer lifespan, use less power and don’t have the annoying noise that EL-wire or panels always have.

The techniques we have learned from years of shows
since then, has enabled us to bring some of that magic
right to your door-step.
From concept to design, we can help you create
the magic you’re looking for.

Add the right light to your home for a crisp modern feel,
or keep it dreamy with a warm and soft atmosphere.
You can add some accents to your office and make
the environment a more productive one.*

Want that personalized feel for your special set of wheels?
A few well placed strips of light, and you look like you
just drove out of a movie.

Speaking of movies just wait till you see what we can do to your costumes.
The right lights in the right places, will make you look amazing.

Would you like more information about LEDs? Just click on the links below
and download our brochures for FREE!
(Sure, we made them in 2012. However,
the information is STILL good to know.)

Oh yes, and for now, they are large full size files and ready for print.
Please be patient, the PDF download may take a few extra seconds to open.

*Studies show, that a creative atmosphere keeps your stress levels down.