The Light Shop

Welcome to the Light Shop!

With over 15 years of creating custom LED products, accents
and designs, we have found a few easy-to-use,  LED products
that can light-up nearly every idea. If you are the “Do It Yourself”
type, you will really love this collection of items we have in stock.

Our LED Strips are perfect for nearly any,accent lighting.
We have a few easy to use and affordable LED Controllers
and Power Supplies to use with them too.

OR …

Fuze- Rose Quartz lit up necklaceMaybe you just want some light for a night on the town.
Check out our growing Wearable Light section.

The LEDs we carry or find for you, have been tested extensively
and work the best in their class. The colors will look the same from
one end of strip to the other.  From the PCB to the LED, we choose how
they are made for each engineered new product. We also
contribute our latest findings and innovations to the existing
product line to ensure we are always using State-of-the-art LED

If you don’t see (or maybe you just don’t know)
what you’re looking for, just Email us your needs
and our resident artist will get back to you as
soon as possible.